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The world's first „city map for lovers" is available for Cologne! Via „Köln für Verliebte" I offer romantic city tours for couples, hikes for couples and singles, and on „World Poetry Day", 21 March, a „love poetry trail" in John Lennon Park.

I would also like to establish the first true „Love Museum" in Cologne. www. The artist, Volker Hildebrandt, who lives in Cologne, has an art project on the Internet. Please say „I love you" there once.

Alter Markt

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Alter MarktThe oldest and most popular amusement venue in Cologne where carnival is traditionally celebrated. In the 16th century the Düsseldorf nun Agnes von Mansfeld and the Archbishop of Cologne Gebhard von Waldburg met here.


It was love at first sight. „This love is the reason why the people of Cologne and Düsseldorf later came into enmity with each other. So the two of them moved to Bonn.


„When we reached out our hands, our eyes had long since made the pact that our skin sealed“.


Poem by Käthe Kyrion.




Tree for you

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Baum für DichIn cooperation with the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald, the city of Cologne offers the opportunity to buy a piece of forest or a tree. On request, the dispenser and its „motif"; can be named on a brass plate.


This is of course a romantic opportunity for nature-loving lovers. For example on the anniversary of your getting to know each other, your wedding day, the birth of your child or, or.


Further information under:

Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald Köln e. V. Gut Leidenhausen 51147 Cologne or Office for Landscape Conservation and Green Areas Willy-Brandt-Platz 2 in 50679 Köln



Berlich & Schwalbengasse

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Berlich und Schwalbenggasse

The probably oldest red light district of Cologne lay at the time of the Romans at the Berlich. On the adjacent Schwalbengasse, Cologne's first brothel, the „House of Beautiful Women";, existed.


Maybe that's where the name streetwalker comes from. And even then, double standards were in full bloom, as the brothels were under the supervision of the city fathers.


But once a year, on the feast of the Roman goddess Damia, the houses were closed and the ladies celebrated among themselves. On the territory of Berlich stands the remains of an ancient Roman tower and this tower ruin offers two niches for „allerley";.




love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_EigelsteintorburgDThe „Kölsche Boor"; is a protector and oracle of true love. The love oracle works as follows: Stand under the portcullis, each on one side, and look deep into your eyes.


Then the Kölsche Boor asks the question loudly:

Lever Kölsche Boor, is dat „Bärbelche"/the „Hannes"; my great love?


Wait 11 seconds. If the „Bärbelche"; or the „Hannes"; do not fit together, the Kölsche Boor lets the portcullis to the ground and you are separated. But if the portcullis stays up, another wonderful Cologne love story begins.




love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_FastnachtsbrunnenThe fountain depicts the cologne servants and maidservants in love. Take the positions of the couples here at the fountain and feel the power of Cologne's love.


The fountain has another function for lovers who got to know each other during the „5th season";, the Cologne Carnival, but lost sight of each other in the hustle and bustle and don't know how to find each other again. On the six Saturdays after Ash Wednesday these searching souls meet here at the well from 11. 11 a. m. onwards.


A tip for your single friends.



love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_GlockengasseHere in the most famous house of the Glockengasse (4711) they play the song of the faithful hussar at full hour. Certainly a pleasure for lovers.


But fidelity was not always written in capital letters in Glockengasse. For in the 18th century Mimi, the wife of the mayor van Grote, also lived in Glockengasse.


In 1760 Casanova visited the town and met Mimi. The two of them had a passionate affair here for weeks.



Historical Town Hall

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Historisches RathausIn the 17th century an enchanting and exciting love story took place in the town hall. The rich Cologne woman Anna von Neuenahr fell in love with the poor painter Goswin and followed him to Orange. This was of course a risk and perhaps you have already taken a risk for your love.


„We have dared to go together, to be together, together. One holds the other, yes - we hold and inspire each other. She could fruit our togetherness, with love in every way";.


Poem by Käthe Kyrion.


A lot of couples are saying yes to each other at City Hall today.



Hohenzollern Bridge

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_HohenzollernbrückeMore than 150,000 love locks are attached to the 400m long bridge. Lovers hang an engraved or designed lock here together, throw the keys into the Rhine and promise themselves eternal intimate love.


The original custom probably comes from Rome and in the meantime this ritual is lived at many bridges, but also in other places. During a walk in the evening sun you can discover an abundance of beautiful castles.




love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_KlingelpützparkIda and Karl - the Cologne Romeo and Juliet - met and loved each other at a festival in the 8th century. Karl's evil stepmother put him in prison here.


Ida freed Karl with a rope from the prison well. Charles fled and Ida was banished to a monastery. Karl built up an army abroad for years. With this he finally went back to Cologne.


At the same time Ida was told that Karl had died in the war, whereupon she died of a broken heart. When Karl marched into Cologne and found the dead Ida, he did not want to live any longer.


Cologne Amazons

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Kölsche AmazonenAt the equestrian monument on the Heumarkt two Kölsche Amazons can be seen on the head side. Just as the Hohenzollen Bridge was not built for the castles of love, but was chosen for them - so it happened to the two Amazons.


The people of Cologne know that the Amazons worshipped horses and knew rituals of fertility. Therefore the right Amazon was chosen for a magical fertility ritual. If both partners stroke a finger over the exposed breasts of the Amazon and think intensively about their desire to have a baby, it will come true.



Love beyond death

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Liebe über den Tod hinaus

The Lichhof is a place for deceased people with two monuments. The inscription of Gitta Benasseni on this memorial column reads:


„Even the fire does not only see the falling leaves when the summer leaves";. A few meters further on there is the memorial „Angel of Death";, where we can commemorate our deceased love in Cologne.



Lime tree at the cathedral

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Linde am DomIt was no coincidence that the cathedral was built on this site, a former peninsula. All early cultures celebrated their spiritual festivals here and the cathedral builders knew about it.


Today we can still measure strong earth rays. The center of the energy is the small square, directly behind the cathedral. There's a lime tree, in a small cemetery. The Pan, the most powerful god of nature, lives in this lime tree.


This place is a strong place of power and especially for love. For the lime tree, with its heart-shaped leaves and growth, has always been the tree of lovers in popular belief.



love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_MarsplatzIn the 15th century Käthe and Hannes lived in the Steinweg. Hannes often drank too much and the two of them got into a fight about it. One evening Käthe said: „Before you get another schnapps from me, I'd rather become stone.


And Hannes replied: „Before I take another schnapps from you, I'd rather become stone. The next day, Hannes angrily announced that he was going to go to war. Käthe loved him and didn't want him to become a soldier.


She fetched two shot glasses and said:

„Come on, I love you, let's get back together.“


Then the two of them toasted each other and became stone.



love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_RichmodisturmIn the 14th century the beautiful Richmodis, wife of the rich merchant of Aducht, died. But the love was now so strong that Richmodis came back to life. The gravediggers fled and Richmodis went back to the house.


There the servant considered her a ghost and told Aducht that his wife's ghost was knocking on the door. The desperate man replied that it was his grey horse that would rather come up the stairs than his wife standing in front of the door. From nowhere he heard hoof clattering and his two grey horses ran up the stairs to him and still look out of the window today.



Rose garden in the Volksgarten

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Rosengärtchen im VolksgartenIn the Volksgarten of the Südstadt there is a little rose garden. Here you can go for a romantic walk. There's even a kind of labyrinth that leads you to the middle when you walk along it.


You can exchange what is the center that holds your love together. Or you say words or poems in love.


„I was drawn to you with all my fibres, what drove me so hopelessly towards you - I wanted to drown in your eyes, you let me sink into it, I found a paradise, a paradise. Thanks to your power of love, I remained safe in it, despite all my worries";.


Poem by Käthe Kyrion.



Rote Funken Plätzchen

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Rote Funken PlätzchenActually a place where the members of the carnival club of the same name meet and celebrate their world-famous Stippeföttche dance. With the Stippeföttche, one stands back to back and rubs the butts together through wibbling.


Have fun trying it out ...


Saint Kunibert

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Sankt KunibertIn the crypt there is a well from which the Cologne stork fetches the children. When a couple wanted to have a child, they went to the well and drank water from the Kunibertsbrunnen from a glass together.


„According to legend, Our Lady plays with the souls of the unborn children of Cologne at the bottom of the fountain"; (crypt in St. Kunibert). After nine months she has chosen the right child and prepared him for his life on earth. If you stay quietly in St. Kunibert, you can actually hear the children playing, especially when the windows are open in the kindergarten next door



Saint Ursula

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Sankt UrsulaUrsula lived in the 4th century and was a princess who planned to marry an English prince. Before the wedding, she went to Rome to be baptized. Ursula was accompanied by her 10 friends.


When they came back to Cologne by ship, the city was just attacked by the Huns. The Hun leader saw Ursula and wanted to marry her. She refused and the Hun Commander ordered all 11 young women on the ship to be killed. With its 11 tears, the city coat of arms of Cologne reminds us of Ursula, who did not want to enslave herself and died for her love



love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_SchmitzsäuleThis place is a very old and romantic meeting place for lovers in Cologne. At the time of the Romans in Cologne, this place was a romantic island in the Rhine.


The inscription reads:

„This is where the Rhine once flowed around Martinsinsel. Before the years 1. 000 A. D. it was connected to the left bank of the Rhine in Cologne by the pouring of the Roman harbour. Roman legionaries met on this island with blond Ubier girls, ancestors of the Schmitz family.“


In Cologne there are many families called Schmitz, all descendants of a cross-ethnic love.




love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_SchwursäuleImmediately on the left in the basilica Sankt Gereon stands the oath or blood column. If you have ever lied to your love, confess it before you go near the oath column. Because anyone who's ever lied will drop dead here. This heavy punishment was reinstated even to a king in the 7th century.


Touch both the oath column at the same time and witness to always telling the truth. To strengthen your oath you may also take home holy water, which is offered in St. Gereon. By the way, there is an Isis altar in the foundation and Isis is an Egyptian goddess of love.




love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_ServerinstorThe young servant Jan wanted to marry the maid Griet. But Griet had another admirer and decided it against Jan.


Jan then went to the 30 year war, made a military career and became a Cologne folk hero. After many years he rode at the head of his troops through the Severinstor into the city and saw there a farmer's wife selling fruit.


The two recognized each other immediately and the short conversation went like this:

„Griet, why didn't you take me then?";

„Oh Jan, who could have known back then?";


On Weiberfastnacht this is listed here.




Near the Eigelsteintorburg was in the 70/80iger years the buyable love at home. The hearts in the wall of the house date back to the time when this area was also called „Chicago on the Rhine";.


If you close your eyes and open your nose, you may be able to inhale a hint of wicked air that can inspire you. A thought by Herman Hesse about this place of love:


„In my opinion, in my generation far more people's lives have been screwed up by too great a constriction and inhibition of the drive life than by the opposite . . . who can love is happy";.


Tünnes und Schäl

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Tünnes und SchälHumour and happiness are important building blocks in love. Two famous Cologneers will help you refresh the two values. Whereby Tünnes is rather the likeable, humorous type and Schäles is rather simple and mostly only concerned with his advantage.


They represent the two souls who probably live in every Cologne breast. And together they stand for Cologne's humour. And this humor and happiness they bring you as follows: Give yourself a hand in front of the monument, kiss and with your free hand rub it over Tünnes's nose and he over Schäl's long nose.


Then you have her blessing.



Willi Ostermann Brunnen

love around the world_Deutschland_Köln_Willi Ostermann Brunnen

The fountain is located at a nice spot and you are very close to kissing here. Willi Ostermann wrote among other things the unofficial city anthem „Ich möocht zu Foß no Kölle jon";.


But also the song „Kölsche Mädchen können Bütze";. This truth is even engraved in this well. Now it's your turn to „bütze"; - the Cologne word for kiss.