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♥ about us ♥

We live near Cologne and have been dealing with love for a long time. We started by collecting love rituals and love festivals from all cultures. Later we also became interested in special love stories and of course looked around Cologne first. From this, the world's first city map for lovers was created.

The love tours through Cologne followed. These are romantic city tours for all the senses and only for couples. We then organised art events such as „Ein Herz für Köln"; and the „Liebesgedichteweg"; on World Poetry Day. We have long dreamed of a place, a house, a museum dedicated entirely to love. You can find more information about this and our activities in Cologne here on Cologne for lovers.


If you would like to support a "Waldmobil" for children and young people with life-shortening illnesses, please have a look at our website:

HEARTfelt greetings
Tina and Hans-Georg
of two who set out to learn to love*

*Inspired by Clown Shiven


With all my fibers I was drawn to you
What drove me so desperately towards you -
I wanted to drown in your eyes.
You let me sink into it.
I found a paradise
M y paradise
Thanks to your love power.
I remained sheltered in it.
despite all the worries.

Käthe Kyrion