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days of love



New Year


The first day for the implementation of good intentions, especially in love. The Roman and Germanic New Year festivals were characterized by excessive celebrations with drinking and eating. Up until the 15th century a kind of New Year's fool festival developed. This meant that people masked themselves, sang decadent songs and the dances were more than lewd. When the woman gives the man a circle of flowers decorated with basil in one of these dances, she wants a lasting relationship. Then the couple dances again on 14 January (Sankt Wasile) with the Kringel and will be a happy couple forever. So it was in the early Europe and is perhaps soon again custom . . .




In Greece, New Year marriages were entered into. This day is regarded as favourable for love connections, because the original gods Gaia (mother earth) and Uranos (father heaven) have united. This gender allocation is shared by many ancient cultures. Only in ancient Egypt is heaven the mother („Nut") and earth the father („Geb"). The act of holy union remains.


Hieros Gamos


Today's love play of the rulers in Mesopotamia secured the cosmic order for the coming year. The king loved a priestess that day. Or the high priestess enjoyed a public love play with a chosen man from the people.






Inanna is worshipped as the primal goddess of love. The fertile love goddess Inanna has great power over lovers, and she is courageous and clever. Inanna is the oldest known feast day for lovers and a day of very strong love magic. The love plays are not limited to spouses or firm partnerships, because just to the celebration of Inanna people like to unite wildly and orgiastically, without consideration of social classes or family ties.


The story of Inanna, the primal goddess of love, can still be read in fragments on over 4000 year old clay tablets. It says:

Her grandfather Enki presented her with the „;me-forces", the characteristics of civilization, during a festive feast:
„I will give truth to my daughter Inanna, descent into the underworld, resurrection from the underworld, the art of loving, the kissing of the phallus".

In addition to lust for love, Inanna also had truth, death and rebirth. Enki later tried to get the „me-powers" back, but Inanna took them to her heaven.

Inanna was sitting under an apple tree. The young woman rejoiced at her beautiful vulva and congratulated herself on her beauty. In her sexual desire awakened and she sang a song in honor of her vulva. In this song she compared them to the young moon. She sang:


„As for me, Inanna, who will plow my vulva? Who will plow my mature field? Who's gonna plow my wet soil? As for me, the young woman, who will harness his bull to it?"

King Dumuzi replied that he wanted to plow their vulva. So she told him, „Plough my vulva, man of my heart.“ The love play was sacred, sublime and pleasurable for both of them. It wasn't just about reproduction. The lines about the sweet taste of the vulva and a picture of Dumuzi's face between Inanna's thighs are considered strong signs of a lustful act of love.

Sexual pleasure enjoyed a high reputation, similar to the other cultural assets of man. Love play was seen as the highest expression of human creativity and as a complex and pleasurable activity. The love play is thus an act whose meaning goes beyond a purely carnal satisfaction or the need to preserve the species.

No creation without sexual union. Therefore fertility gods have a rich sex life, because they receive the fertility of the whole nature with it.

Put a note in your underwear this morning with the reference to Inanna. A little attention/flower/sweetness, as a foretaste of a sweet evening. Since earlier than your love at home and start in peace with the preparations: Above the front door hangs a large leaf with the following inscription from the Valley of Queens:
„Do not grow weary of eating, drinking, intoxication and lust.“

Follow a trail from the front door to the place of your love play. This trail consists of rose petals, chocolate, hearts, pralines, candles and notes with love messages. At the finish scatter rose petals and provide champagne. Then shower and cream yourself fragrantly. Choose a suitable background music and wait for your love.




Befana and cuddle day


Today the fairy „Befana" goes around and gives her love blessing to all couples in Italy or to couples who think of her today and listen to Italian music. Please remember that Befana is a temperamental fairy. Your love play today should therefore have the credo:
„Let us love as if we had died, desired to have loved us, ti amo.“



World Cuddle Day / Voodoo-Festival


On the beach of Ouidah and in many other places in Benin and in Togo, Ghana or in New Orleans and even in Berlin, a Voodoo-Festival is celebrated today. Voodoo is a recognized religion in Benin and Haiti and today, you can ask the fertility goddess "Mami Wata", that you will love each other for life and of course for rich child blessings.




Make your dream true


January 13th Make your dream true. Therefore fertility gods have a rich sex life, because they receive the fertility of the whole nature with it.


Today you can address the person you're in love with. This will bring you a little closer to your dream. As a couple, you can fulfill a long-cherished dream today.



St. Wasile


In this love ritual, the couple dances with the New Year's curl to preserve their love forever. After the dance the lovers drink a glass of milk for refreshment. The milk makes for a fruitful love.


Fetish day


Leather, latex, rubber or something else. Do you have a fetish? What turns you on, increases your desire? Perhaps today you will discover together a fetish that you both like.



Cuddle day


Now it's getting cuddly. Today is a good day to settle down, to create a comfortable nest, to cuddle and to experience a romantic evening.


Day of laughter




Popcorn Day


A still young holiday from the USA. But a good opportunity to get a huge bag of popcorn today and cuddle up in the cinema seats. Or you can make yourself comfortable in front of the television, watch old holiday videos or rent a beautiful love film.



Day of the spouse


Today you can spoil your „better half" and celebrate that you can live your love. The term „better half" goes back to Plato. He handed down:

„A long time ago, all parts of man were doubled. This being had two heads, four arms and also both sexes. The people were so powerful that even the gods were afraid of them. Thus the gods destroyed this power by dividing man into two parts and scattering the two halves all over the world.

That's how we became what we are today. Since that time, the halves now try to find their „better half" again. Something pulls the two right halves irresistibly towards each other. This inclination we call love.

But because there are so many halves, you rarely find your „better half" again. But when one finds them, then these two halves are again as powerful as once and today they need no longer fear the gods . . .“






In early Egypt, the Opet Festival lasted 27 days. The king and the queen retreated to the temple to procreate a heir to the throne. In order to achieve this goal, the king and queen were allowed to love each other in all ways they wanted - without any conventions.

Love positions can be found in „Kamasutra" by Vatsyayana or in „Wild Thing"; by Paul Joannides.


„You shall dance and sing, celebrate and make music, and love in my name. For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit", says Februata, the goddess of Mars.

How about a party with like-minded people today? Write a nice invitation and get Freande in the house. Dancing, singing and celebrating together and loving later everyone goes back to their own house - or not . . .





A feast in honour of the Celtic goddess of love Brighid. Since today is also the beginning of the Celtic spring, magical fertility rituals work particularly well.

Go swimming together, drink a glass of champagne, listen to romantic music, light many candles - or a campfire, because today is also the feast of light and then create your own love altar.

Choose a place where you can store, display and hang important things of your love. These can be letters, photos, gifts, souvenirs of a nice evening, an excursion or a holiday. Add two red candles, a scented bowl and flowers. You can extend or change the altar again and again.




Day of the marriage proposal

10th - 14th


Love market in Verona



Bacchanale and day of promise give


February is a beautiful month, for the Bacchanale takes over unbridled souls. All people of antiquity were allowed to drink and whore without measure. All kinds of games were played to set the mood.

„Strippoker": The women and men play the card game of poker. If someone loses an edge, they have to take off a piece of clothing. The game is played until the first player sits naked at the table.

„Spin the bottle": The women and men sit in a circle and consider a task or action that the person to be drawn must perform immediately. In the middle there is a bottle on the floor and the youngest rotates it. The person to whom the neck of the bottle points must now perform this task (e. g. kiss the woman to his left) and may think up a new task and turn the bottle.

Goethe wrote about these „deposit-games“: „In the solution of the pawns, everything was exaggerated: gestures that one demanded, actions that one performed, tasks that one should solve. "Everything showed a bold lust that knows no bounds.“

Since today is also celebrated the „Day of the Promise", you can make a very special promise to your love today, perhaps one that your love has long been waiting for.



Day of the embrace


The „Free Huge" Campaign started Juan Mann in Australia. With a sign and the inscription "Free Huge";, he entered the pedestrian zone and offered free hugs. Meanwhile his idea is lived almost everywhere in the world. So you can take up his idea today and offer a hug to many people, or you change it a little and hug your love again and again today.



Pura Vida, Day of Kissing and Trndez


On the evening before Valentine's Day the Mariachis (folklore singers) of the chosen ones sing a serenade and recite their poems. They play their guitars and trumpets, decorated and costumed, right under the woman's window. When the woman appears at the window, she expresses her interest by waving a white cloth. Thereupon the singers withdraw and the man is admitted.


On the eve of Valentine's Day, the love festival "Trndez" is celebrated especially in Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia. A custom celebrated at "Trndez" is that the couple jumps over a fire together. This guarantees an eternal and happy love.

A personal poem or a serenade under the window can certainly be realized everywhere. I hope she has a white towel at home.



Valentine's Day


On Valentine's Day, women receive flowers (mostly red roses) or small gifts from men. There are many gift ideas in department stores and on the Internet, even in confectioneries there are heart-shaped pastries. But what is a purchased gift compared to a self-created one? Get inspiration everywhere and then make your own personal Valentine's Day present at home. and if the cutting and hammering doesn't work out so well and a finger comes in between, you are guaranteed to be lovingly cared for when your loved one learns that you have entered the dangerous world of DIY or baking for her. As always, the spirit with which we do a thing counts - not just the result.

Cologneers can also give their wives a sensual and romantic guided tour of Cologne's Old Town as a gift of love (

Japanese women give their husbands chocolate in the shape of a heart. A month later, on March 14th, the men give chocolate hearts to the women. In Italy they are chocolate balls („Baci Perugina").

Secret admirers give today a white carnation and a small reference on itself . . .

Open admirers personally give the woman a bouquet of flowers in the morning. For a woman shall take the worshiper as her husband, whom she shall see first that day.

Attention: In North America, for example, bosses give their secretaries a bouquet of red roses as recognition, not proof of love. A token of love would be red carnations. So, nothing misinterprets in multicultural companies.


The gift of a bouquet of flowers to his beloved developed in England. There it was initially only customary to give oneself „Valentines - cards with four-line love poems" on this day. But on 14. 2. 1667 Samuel Pepys sent his wife a very special love letter, written on light blue paper and with gold ink. She was so enraptured that she sent back a bouquet of flowers to thank him. That's what British society picked up. In the course of the next decades the custom changed. So later love poems and flowers were sent to the woman and from the following years only flowers.

Now for reading together by candlelight, the legend of St. Valentin:

„The Rose of Harmony“ („La Rosa della Riconcilazione“):


One day when Valentine of Rome heard a young engaged couple arguing at his garden fence, he met him and held a beautiful rose in his hand. He addressed the two young people with a loving gesture, gave them the rose and spoke conciliatory words. The good spirit of Saint Valentine and the Rose had a magical power and ended the quarrel between the two young people. The saint asked them to carefully hold the rose together, not to let the thorns prick them and to pray that their love would last forever.

After some time the two young people returned to him to tell him their happiness and to receive the blessing for a marriage. Valentin trusted, despite imperial prohibition, this couple and their love was described as exceptionally intimate. When the population heard about it, more and more couples came to ask for the special blessing of St. Valentin. Once the citizens gathered in a long procession for St. Valentine to ask for the protection of the future families. More and more couples came to ask for his love blessing. Finally Emperor Claudius II heard about it and sentenced St. Valentin to death. On February 14, 273, he was beheaded and every 14th day of the month was dedicated to intercessions to Saint Valentine, but they were reduced to February 14 of each year, the day on which Saint Valentine celebrated his own „wedding" in Paradise.

The Italian city of Terni (Umbria) is considered the capital of Valentine's Day, because the bones of Saint Valentine are said to lie in the basilica. Many couples go there on pilgrimage, donate a candle and swear eternal loyalty. If you don't want to travel that far, in the Swabian town of Krumbach you should also rest the bones of St. Valentine.



Lantern Festival


The young women in East China are exceptionally allowed to go for walks without their parents. The young men make paper lanterns and display them on the main street. There's a question on the lantern. If a woman is interested in a man, she will answer the question and the flirting begins. Usually the questions are so personal that only the chosen woman can answer them.

Instructions for building a lantern can be found in any craft or toy shop.

Lupercalia is the goddess of love fever.




The Roman goddess of victory, Victoria, will help you if you concentrate on „conquests" today. Before you go out take a cleansing bath and think about your desires of love. Then select a particularly beautiful paper. On it you write the qualities that your future love should have and the following spell:








(Read it from above, below, right or left - it's always valid)


Fold the paper and put it in a leather bag. Wear this bag on your heart. If you should hang it around, please make sure that you only use natural materials. Go out then, dance best. Be careful who you meet, for the other person may have been attracted by Victoria.



For a few days rules are forgotten and people wander the streets dancing and singing, cheerfully mixing women and men, poor and rich. It is the last great feast of Christians before Lent, which lasts until Easter. During carnival people are disguised and want to drive away the evil winter spirits.

In Venice one throws oneself (masked) on the squares with flowers in order to flirt extensively with each other. Why not in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz?



Fiesta del Agua


A Spanish feast for love. Because in Teruel there is the mausoleum of the lovers, in the church of San Pedro. They are the lovers Diego & Isabel and their love is just as tragic and comparable to Romeo Juliet because they only found each other in death. Isabel waited 5 years for Diego because her father sent him away to get rich. Then the father married her to another man. When Diego came back, he asked for her kiss and since she refused because she didn't want to betray her husband, Diego died. At his funeral Isabel wore her wedding dress, gave Diego a kiss, collapsed on his body and died instantly. Lovers ask at the sarcophagi of the two, their blessing for your love.



Dragose and Konudagur


A day for lovers in Romania. If you love a person from Romania, spoil him with a typical meal and a "typical love night"; . . .

The day for lovers when your love comes from Iceland.

*As an occasion for celebration it is certainly enough if, for example, your great-great-grandmother was born in Iceland, you visited one of the two countries, read a book about Romania or Iceland, or always wanted to go there :-)



St. Dwynwens Day


In this love ritual, lovers exchange carved wooden spoons with the inscription „Rwy'n dy Garu di", Welsh for „I love you". With this you have the blessing of the patron „Saint of Love" for your love.



Robin Hood and Maid Marian


Also today you can celebrate a big „wedding time" in nature. Because today is a good day to take a walk through the forest. Balancing off the beaten track over tree trunks, strolling through undergrowth, wading through streams, enjoying a snack in a quiet place and feeling and loving like Robin Hood and Maid Marian. You should definitely drink a beer brewed by monks together today, from a new cup and never use it again.

If it is possible for you, you can also explore the original site today, the Sherwood Forest near Nottingham and the village church of St Mary.



Day of the female proposals of marriage


The Scandinavian woman proposes marriage to the man. If he refuses, he must give her a piece of fabric so that she can sew a piece of clothing out of it. But who can say no?

March is dedicated to the goddess of love Aphrodite.



Marzipan choir and day of compliments


Women in early Europe gave men today so-called „Marzischor", small white-red crocheted jewellery objects, as a symbol of love and rebirth. The men gave the women forest flowers for their part. I don't know anything about the way of thanking . . .



Hina Masuri

On this „Girls'; Day" dolls are set up to drive away evil spirits. If the young woman forgets to put the dolls away before the night of 4 March, she will not marry again this year.


Day of the woman

This day is celebrated internationally, but has more to do with recognition than with sexual love. It's up to you to make this a special day for your wife.

Men in Tajikistan, for example, give their wives personal proof of their love. In Russia, men give away individual flowers to friends, but also to strangers.


White Day and Red Nose Day

The men return the favor for the gifts (chocolate hearts) of the women from 14 February. If you enclose a love letter, it should have a heart shape. If seven or more small hearts fall out when you open them, love will be eternal.


„To write a good love letter, you must start without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you said.“ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Red Nose Day
Symbol of Red Nose Day is a red nose. Children's aid projects are supported with the purchase of a red nose. If you can, donate a little more money. Today many comedy shows take place and it is called to do „something crazy".

Surprise your sweetheart with something crazy. With something she might have wanted to do for a long time, but didn't dare, or play her a very private clown number with a surprising sensual ending.


Aphrodite and Adonis


Celebrate your love first with a feast of love. The love meal naturally includes seafood, especially oysters. Mussels as symbol for the vagina and asparagus as symbol for the phallus. A sauce of garlic enhances the happiness of love when both eat it. As a sign of union and incorporation, each eats something from the other's plate. Afterwards spoil each other with a light massage. Then enjoy the richness of love surrounded by many flowers. This is how Aphrodite and Adonis celebrated their „wedding anniversary". Happy is who has a flower shop :-)

There are numerous cookbooks with aphrodisiac dishes and drinks for the love meal. The massage after the meal does not have to meet any medical requirements, only you both like it.


For Aphrodite, who is still looking for her Adonis, the following ritual is suitable:

Aphrodite's bath
Aphrodite has escaped the sea, so bathe in salt water. You're perfuming that with rose oil. Place six burning candles on the edge of your bathtub and then let yourself slide into the water with the awareness that you are immersed in a magical love liquid.
Dry yourself as sensually as you imagine Aphrodite drying her body. Now put on your Cestus, close your eyes and feel your whole body full of warm seductive love power.

Aphrodite Belt: Cestus
This richly decorated belt of Aphrodite, contained her love spell. This magical belt could lend such seductive powers that even the unyielding lovers were enchanted and devoted to a romantic encounter. Create your own Cestus.
Cestus was made of fabric. First choose a beautiful fabric, paint it with lucky symbols, your initials and write your wishes to your partner on it. Perfume it discreetly with rose oil and wear it when you go out. Meet a man of your desire, look at him and touch your belt six times lightly and circularly. Aphrodite will then unfold its magical power.



St. Patrick's Day


Today everything in Ireland is green as a sign of good hope. So lovers hope for offspring and lifelong love. The green should remind of the shamrocks/cloverleaves that bring (love) happiness.



World Day of Joy




Holi and Day of Poetry


An orgy of joie de vivre is taking place today and social differences are blurring. In India one throws oneself with bags full of red-colored water, splashes each other with the colored water or rubs oneself with purple powder. Obscene verses are chanted.

A party with these great conditions will certainly be fun if everyone is informed! Or paint each other your bodies (lustful body painting). Make-up and body colours are available in drugstores.



Lupercalia and Mladenci


Luperkalia is the celebration of natural heat, nature's readiness to mate. That is why people remember their sexuality and attraction and celebrate them. The Roman goddess of love Juno is honoured with Luperkalia. In her honor, flowers will be sacrificed. In South Africa, Luperkalia is celebrated on 15 February.

Place two flowers on your love altar (see 5 February) and create a „bed of flowers" for your love goddess and invite her to be your Lupercalia.

Or celebrate a feast and activate an old love ritual:
In a wooden box, which wood is not handed down and also does not matter, notes with the names of the present women are thrown in. The men then draw a note with their eyes closed. The men take a flower and go to the woman whose name is on her note. If the woman accepts the flower of the man, a „pleasure couple" has found itself. If you refuse, the piece of paper is put back into the wooden box and a new edge begins.

Mladenci - Day of the Newly Married
On the first spring-like day Freande and relatives in Croatia bring presents to the new couple. But only once, in the first year after the wedding.





Who loves himself in the grass today, has love luck for the rest of the year. The Grand is that the love goddess Kybele has defeated death because her lover Attis has returned from the dead.





The day varies and is always a day after the big holiday „Nyepi". At Omed-Omedan, men and women face each other on the street. Brave people then run to the other side of the street to kiss him or her. They are showered with plenty of water by the spectators. Which is officially to cool the minds, but everyone knows that a wet T-shirt does not contribute to it. It is a very good day to find love, but of course couples can also participate.

Cherry blossom season > Kanamara Matsuri Festival

In Japan this festival is celebrated during the cherry blossom season. The date varies depending on the region. At this feast the phallus is worshipped as a giver of love. Everywhere you look you can see phalluses and they're even available as candy to eat. In Kawasaki it is also celebrated under the name „Shinto-Kanamara-Matsuri-Festival" on the first Sunday in April and at the Kanamara shrine you can live a fertility ritual.


Feast of Venus and Day of Laughter

„Laugh at least seven times and be merry.“ Jokes are made with fellow men and they make fun of each other. Although actually only lovers „might" fool themselves today, because the origin of this April fools originates from the festival of Venus, the „Veneralia". The Romans began on April 1 all jokes in honor of the love goddess Venus. Only lovers sent themselves „into April", i. e. they were given nonsensical tasks. By the fact that the beloved or the loved one did and trusted, as he was told, it was proved that love is stronger than reason. Love triumphs over logic. As we know, this also works on other days. But today you should definitely try it.

Single women today get help for their love lives if you ask Venus to.


Feast of Flowers

You visit the person you are in love with and throw a flower on their heart. If the flower meets, this person falls in love (most probably) also with you. But it must be a rose or a daisy. This festival has its origin in France.



Motherhood and Beauty

This Armenian holiday completes the month for the woman, which started on March 8th. The 7th of April is connected with the ecclesiastical holiday, the proclamation of the Blessed Mother of God. Every Armenian man tries to make this day an unforgettable memory for his wife.


World Party Day

Good Friday

On a Good Friday in the 14th century, the Italian poet Francesco Petrarca meets Madonna Laura in Avignon. A hot love is kindled and he writes 366 poems in his „Canzoniere".

You can surprise your sweetheart this morning with a letter in which you wrote 366 times „I love you". Or you can give her a poem, one of her own or one of Petrarch's. For example NO. CXCII:

„Stop, Cupid, to see our glory, supernatural, magnanimous and new:
Look what sweet charm she gives, see this heavenly light on earth!

See what art with gold decorates the chosen one and pearls like no other in this country, how gracefully she looks and walks through the shadows of the hills of this gorge.

Ask the green grass and the colorful flowers under the old, gloomy oak,
may she trample them underfoot and touch them.

The sky makes the sparks glow brightly for them all around,
for he rejoices that her beautiful eyes amuse him.“

Easter and Triumph of Love

At Easter the woman chose the most beautifully painted egg and sent it to her chosen husband.
If the man sent the egg back to the woman, it meant he loved her too.

How about a painting this year that was applied especially for the chosen one? In early Europe there was a way for men who were not given an egg to express their affection. They invited their chosen one to an Easter walk, which happened to lead past a swing. If he offered to rock her, this was a sign of his affection. When she let herself be swayed, she signaled her consent to his advertising.

In Australia, Easter lovers draw water from a spring. If they sprinkle themselves with this water on their wedding day, the marriage will be happy.



A love custom from the Alpine region, also called "Fensterln". He is known in Denmark under the name „Natte frieri" and in a slightly different way in Japan under „yobai". The man climbs up to his lover's room with or without a ladder. If she's not expecting him yet, he'll make the agreed knock. It is said that sometimes four or five men wanted to window a woman at the same time. Then no one was granted entry. The men now tried to win the favour of the woman with sensual and satirical verses.

Just as men tried their luck with different women, women granted entry to different men. In any case, the man with the first cock cry had to disappear in order not to be punished by his parents. The number of different visitors could not be too high, otherwise the neighbours said: „It's like a dovecote with her".

Surely your sweetheart will be pleasantly surprised when you climb the 6th floor, for example. Take a straw hat with you, because only under this can the couple kiss. If your sweetheart lives very high up, stick a love message on a gas-filled balloon, tie it to a long string and let it ascend to her window.


Day of Love in the Office and Jibeta Matsuri Feast

This is a very young feast day that was launched in Moscow in 2010. People carry yellow hearts and bring a cuddly toy with them. You then give this cuddly toy to your love or a good friend at your workplace.



The love goddess of the Babylonians is regarded as the incarnation of Inanna. Ishtar gave life to her people with her fertility.

Pamper your sweetheart today like Queen Ishtar herself. Read your queen's wishes from her eyes. Start by bedding her on soft pillows, putting seductive food on her tongue, serving luscious drinks, fanning air and patiently waiting for her wishes.


Sant Jordi

In Spain, especially in Catalonia and hopefully elsewhere, the man gives his lover a rose, she gives him a book. Maybe one about love techniques, in which she marked her most lustful places for him. Lou Paget's book „The perfect lover" or the book tips from 27 January are suitable for this.

25. -30.


Today begins the great Celtic festival of sexual maturity and creation of new life. We celebrate the power and holiness of sexuality. Happy is he who today has his own wooden love hut and can burn the scent of love in it. The love scent consists of two parts incense (irreplaceable for love rituals), two parts myrrh and one part lavender, one part mallow and one part lovage. Everything else arises when you surrender to the scent of Beltane's spirit.


Walpurgis Night

The earth appreciates the sexual energy offered on its „fields". This increases the fertility of plants and animals and stimulates the vitality of the community. Pagan priestesses and other women slept with pagan priests and other men today. This was an effective custom for the prevention of loneliness. Because everyone knew that anyone who visited a Walpurgis festival that night would find a love partner. Everyone was looking for a love play and wanted to promote the fertility of the earth.

Do we hope for warm night temperatures or do you have two sleeping bags that you can zip together? In Edinburgh this night a torchlight procession takes place on Calton Hill and there are performances with imaginatively dressed and completely undressed people. Among others, the White Lady (goddess of spring) and her husband, the Green Man. With them you can celebrate a „wedding anniversary" together.


Until the 16th century in Northern Europe, the month in which men and women loved each other in the ploughed fields in order to promote the growth of grain.




The man buys a maypole from the forester and places it under the woman's window. This maypole is decorated with colourful flags and a poem. The maypole is a sign of love and the desire for health and fertility. At night, the men watch the trees they put up so that they are not stolen by any rival.

In the Rhineland, women were proclaimed under the maypole of a village and a man could buy them at auction. Either for the month of May or for a whole year he remained her dancer. However, the woman could also express her dissatisfaction and lift the obligation.
A May Queen and a May King are elected to represent the goddess and her lover. They are celebrated in processions and married in a game to stimulate the fertility of the earth.

When people adorn themselves with ribbons, dance around the maypole (phallus symbol) and unravel its ribbons (symbol of the vagina), they imitate nature's act of love. With such dances they ask for gifts from the goddess Maia.

Your sweetheart will certainly be happy if you perform a special love dance with colourful ribbons just for her today.

On the night of the Main, women paint their loved ones a heart on their doorstep. Sometimes they also put a sign with a love verse in front of the window. Or they point to a vice they don't like. The man now has only this month time to stop or give up this vicious behavior.


Bona Dena
Feast in honour of the Roman goddess of fertility. Only women were allowed to celebrate.

Whoever kisses under a blossoming tree or shrub in the park on the Petrin hill today has the blessing of love for a whole year.

Young women climb the hill „Arthur Seat" today to wash their faces with the morning dew at sunrise. This guarantees eternal beauty and attraction.

But all over the world, whoever washes himself with the dew on the plants today, will get not only great beauty but also an irresistible sexual aura.


Attention, every four years, in the leap year (2024,2028,...) the woman puts a maypole to the man!


Baby Day



Vierti and Positano

These two lived in two widely separated families at the foot of the Lattari Mountains. Now it happened that a big storm raged at that time and the two were washed up together on the beach. They had never seen each other before and now they fell in love with each other. But when the storm calmed down a bit both had to go back to their families. Every evening they now sat on the cliffs, wished each other and shouted love messages to each other. The rough wind that carried the words was deeply touched and became a slight breeze. Also the waves calmed down and through the still water Positano and Vierti could finally find each other again.

They finally had a daughter named Amalfi. When Amalfi had become a beautiful Italian young woman, Hercules fell in love with her. He gave her a city by the sea and called her Amalfi.

Visit the town of Amalfi and go swimming in the sea together. Perhaps you will also find two rocks from which you can call out tenderness. In Amalfi, for example, you can stay overnight or dine once at the "Luna Convento";. Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergmann have already fallen in love here.


World Laughter Day and Hidrellez

Today you can have a tickle battle or tell each other the most embarrassing situations from your life . . .

At the Hidrellez festival, lovers hang little pieces of fabric with their wishes on the branches of a wishing tree.




Winspiration Day

Since 2003 people celebrate their individual potentials and abilities and the courage to use them for themselves and the people on this day. True to the motto: „You are great the way you are". and as a couple we can of course release even more great energy and carry it into the world. Events can be found at: www. winspirationday. org


Day of orgasm

A good day to try out the „Womanizer" as a supplement :-)


Festival of Pan

Lovers celebrate this day with the nature god Pan. Pan was a lover of life in nature. He worshipped above all the trees and the wind. He therefore likes celebrations under the treetops with wine, singing and poetry. Sit under a lime tree with its heart-shaped leaves, take a bottle of wine and read love poems to each other. Erich Fried wrote a very beautiful love poem:


„It is what it is

It's nonsense
says reason.
It's what love says it is.

It's bad luck
Says the calculation.

It's nothing but pain
says fear.

It's hopeless.
Says insight.

It's what love says it is.

It's ridiculous.
Says pride.

It's reckless.
Say caution.

It's impossible
Say the experience".

It's what love says it is.


Romeo and Juliet

Verona, Villa Capello 23 - the destination for all lovers of the world. This is where Julia Capulet lived. In the courtyard there is a bronze picture of Julia. Whoever strokes her arm and her breast is lucky in all matters of love. Of course it is a special pleasure to kiss on the balcony. If you then take the oath of allegiance, your love will last for all eternity.

Romeo: „Give your faithful vow of love for mine.“

Julia: „I gave it to you before you begged for it.“

If you cannot travel to Verona, write a few oaths of love to your loved one on small pieces of paper. You should hide your messages so that they are only discovered by chance. For example in the fridge, in the sports bag or in the fruit bowl.


World Seduction Day

Today Giacomo Casanova is at the side of those who want to seduce their beloved. Casonova was considered a seducer and admirer of the ginkgo tree. The ginkgo tree is honored by many people as a fertility symbol and as a symbol for two lovers. Touch today with your beloved the roots of a Ginkgo tree and its power and that of its admirer Casanova, help you. Casanova is said to have explained under many a ginkgo tree with a ginkgo leaf in the hand of his beloved why they both belong together at this moment . . .


During this love ritual the young woman strokes the beloved young man with willow kittens as a sign of love and says: „Just as I am lucky with willow kittens, I should also be lucky with the young men". Maybe the stroking becomes a massage or a flagellant session if you are inclined. Who dominates the relationship, you learn through a small throwing game. Fills two small cloth bags with nuts. Stand at some distance from each other, close your eyes and carefully throw the bags at the other. Who scores first?


Juno is the Roman patron saint of marriage and family and therefore Juno/June is considered „the main marriage month“.



Feast of Roses and World Naturist Day

The rose is the symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. She stands for adult, mature, fertile, female, sexual love. Male counterpart is the wild climbing rose, which „stings the virgin bloody" with its thorns. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and source of all life, loves above all red roses.

Decorate your bed with fresh rose petals and love yourselves in them. I'm sure it's not just Aphrodite who's thrilled.

Since today is also World Naturist Day, you can walk naked through the apartment the whole day before the Rose Festival.


Vesta Festival and „6. 6.“

The goddesses Vesta, Hertha and Nerthus represent the sacred fire of life. This also means the fire in our body, in our passions and the purifying fire of love. Today is a good day for a barbecue or other fire activities. In Germania it was a matter of wooing her lover, dancing with her and loving her in the intoxication of happiness - and today?


„6. 6.“
Six is the magic number of the goddess Aphrodite and the meeting of two „6's"; in the year, the 6. 6., awakens the power of sexuality in man. Therefore your love blossoms when you give a red rose to your chosen one. Strengthen the power of sexuality and Aphrodite's love spell by handing her the rose at the place of your first encounter.



Day dos Namorades and Loving Day

A Brazilian love festival with lots of music and dance as it should be. On this day, Saint Anthony of Padua in Brazil will also be commemorated, who will be honoured as a matchmaker. Statues are turned upside down to encourage help in the search for a partner. During the night, bottles filled with water and protein are set up, in order to get references to the name of the future partner in the dream. In Portugal, the festival is celebrated one day later (see 13 June).

Loving Day
Love festival in the USA, since on June12,1967 a law was abolished, which prohibited the marriage of couples of different skin colour until then.


St. Anthony of Padua

In Lisbon today many weddings take place and in the evening there is a parade through the city. Today lovers in Portugal give each other a potty of basil containing a love letter. In Brazil it is already celebrated on 12 June.


Eurydike and Orpheus

Today is the day of all couples, whether homosexual or heterosexual. We celebrate love, loyalty and trust in each other, not only in Greece. This day is celebrated with an excursion, a party, a special meal and by exchanging gifts.

Today, all lovers should also critically examine whether they might claim each other's property. The secret to a lasting relationship is unconditional love.

„For if the beloved leave space between them, the angels can dance there.“


Summer solstice

During this love ritual, lovers in Latvia today, on the shortest night of the year, look for a grove flower that blooms only on that night. In all other regions of the world, a common night walk is considered a magical love ritual. The morning after is well suited for a morning gift. In the past, this had the purpose of giving the woman financial security if the man dies. The present doesn't have to be that big today.

If you should give away a ring as a morning gift, make sure that it was formed from one piece. For such a ring is a sign of infinity and your love will be infinite and eternal.

In Switzerland, St. John's Day is called "San Gian" and in the canton of Graubünden, boys now sprinkle girls with water. This erotic water ritual is an old love custom to woo the future girl. The chosen one then gives the boy an egg as a symbol of hope for a fruitful life together.



All chastity laws are repealed tonight, the night of the lovers. During the day, marriage proposals and weddings in Africa and Europe are under a good star. The goddess Litha symbolizes abundance, fertility, power and order. Whoever wants to conceive a divine child should devote himself today to the game of love. Especially the state from midnight is considered magical, because it is recognized as the climax of the love and life force.

A good opportunity to get a lover is when you go to a river or the sea in the evening, kiss a rose, throw it in and think of your dream partner.


St John's Day

In Norway you pick seven kinds of flowers in the evening and put them under the pillow to dream about the future. Such dreams can be „praeparatio erotica", i. e. a guide to a pleasurable get-together. In our dreams we can reach the depths of the unconscious. There the pleasurable experiences of our ancestors are stored, which are now activated and give us living people their support.

In Estonia, girls weave a wreath with flowers of nine different varieties at the bonfire of St. John. You sit this one on and go home. They must neither look back nor talk to anyone. At home the wreath is placed under the pillow and then the woman in the dream will see her future husband.

Couples take each other by the hand, run seven times around the Johannis fire and then jump over it together to seal their love forever.

In Brazil, the „Festa de Sao Joao" celebrates with a lot of music and dances around a big pole, together until the early morning. The stake makes the connection to heaven.


In Cologne, the women take a bath in the Rhine to wash away their burdens and sins and thus be completely receptive to fertility and love again.



Mitsommer / Fortuna

The goddess of happiness helps you if you wish for a love partner. The prerequisite is that you perceive your life as rich and worth living. Early in the morning, first find a quiet and relaxing place in nature and consciously breathe in life energy.
A quote from Henry David Thoreau to set the mood:

„ . . and I went into the woods to soak up the marrow of life in me, not to be in my death state, that I had never lived. . . „


Pamper yourself throughout the day, for example with a visit to the sauna or a massage, buy yourself a small present or fulfil a dream. Let your soul feel that life is beautiful. Then go among people, trust in your luck and Fortuna will give you gifts and enchant you.


Three worlds

In the Himalayas, the love gods of the three worlds are asked for their help for a happy and fruitful love relationship.
Decorates a room with as many different flowers as possible. Each flower stands as a symbol for a group of living beings. As many living creatures as possible should give their love blessings today. The flowers should stand in the water as a sign of life. Put some feathers near the flowers. Now you have considered the first world, Earth.

Sprinkles a few grains of barley. These symbolize the stars and are thus the symbol of the second world, the sky.

Stretch five different coloured cloths over the place where your love play will take place. These cloths should have the colors of the rainbow. This is now the third world that connects the first two worlds. Spray the cloths together with some red wine and your „sky bridge" is inaugurated. Happiness and fertility can now come to you.



A Celtic festival in honour of the fertility goddess Cerridwen. The number 13 brings lovers luck today. Tell yourselves 13 times that you love each other, give yourselves 13 kisses and 13 small gifts.


World Day of the Kiss

A festival for love i.e. in Berlin, with a big parade, parties, and „accidental acquaintances".

CSD and Love Parade

How many different ways can you kiss? and which body zones have you not kissed in a long time? Where have you never kissed before? On this day of love, you may catch up on „officially" missed kisses.

Kissing „from a scientific point of view" is called „philematology";. Philema stands in ancient Greek for kiss and logos for teaching. Have fun with science :-)

Christopher Street Day
A feast for same-sex love on the first Sunday in July. The day commemorates the rebellion of gay men who fought for the recognition of their gay love on Christopher Street in New York City.



On the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar, lovers in China celebrate their love. Legend has it that once upon a time there were two lovers represented by two stars in the sky, facing each other only once a year: Evega (the woman) and Aquila (the man). These two met once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month to make their love. They decided to help other lovers in the world and bring them together.

Write the name of the beloved person on fine parchment paper and tie it to a bush or tree so the two stars can see it. Until next month your wish should come true.

Lovers can hang a wish for their love today.



Luxuria is considered the goddess of lust, waste and sexual pleasure. Her daughter Penia gave birth to Eros - desire. Luxuria loves red. The colour red has magical powers and protects the lovers from demons, is luck bringing and ensures fertility.
The feast begins with a ritual bath to which some rose petals are added. After the bath you should put on red lingerie. The woman ties herself (if her hair length allows it), a knot in her hair. This knot is regarded as a love knot and reinforces the passion. Your bedroom should be decorated with many flowers and „red‘s", also with red candles. Since then wasteful . . .

A note on waste, by Ricarda Huch:

„Love is the only thing that grows by wasting it.“


Santa Rosalia

With Santa Rosalia, the seven virtues have appeared, among other things, love (in red). You can greet love today, especially in Palermo. On this occasion the girls wear a wreath full of (red) roses on their heads.


Isis and Osiris

Today is a good time for sexual pleasures, relationships and weddings. It is most favorable if you love each other today, on this African feast day, directly under the starry sky. For Isis will give you a never-before-seen lightness of love in her cloak of stars, and you will be addicted to one another.

Today, dance festivals in the open air are suitable for expectant lovers. At Gedra, the traditional love dance at the Berber festivals, the women choose the men. If a woman desires a man, she approaches the dancing man from behind and strokes his back with her fingertips. He acts as if he doesn't notice anything, but when their eyes meet, he will wink at her. By winking and twitching with the man angle, he signals her where he will expect her later.

If you don't want to dance, a Wodaabe custom will help. The man puts his right hand, his middle finger on his index finger - on the table or his left hand. That means he wants to sleep with the woman. She puts two fingers next to each other when she wants to signal her approval. Nice and simple, isn't it?

Zulu women give pearl-embroidered collars to young men they like. These collars are called „love letters" because they contain coloured love messages. In addition, a hair braid across the forehead reveals that a Zulu woman is alone and wants to be courted.


Fete de la Madeline

Women go to a sacred cave in Provence/France to ask Madelaine (Mary Magdalene) to find a man for them. Mary Magdalene was originally also known for her passionate devotion and love.

Lovers celebrate the festival in their „own cave". Since love goes through the stomach, today you cook together an aphrodisiac dish with avocados and seafood.



24/7 BDSM-Day

24/7 means serving your partner submissively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is why BDSM-Couples celebrate a special "domantic" day of love, today.


Love Festival of the Amazons

The Amazons captured men on their raids to make them father children. So once the queen of the Amazons, Penthesilea, stole the Greek hero, Achill.

As a woman you can „rob" your sweetheart today with bow and arrow (children's toys). After initial resistance, he will surely be overwhelmed. It's good for the raid if you first ask Mars and Diana for support.

By the way: 9 months further on, at Easter, born children are considered lucky children.


National Orgasm Day in England

no comments ;-)



A Celtic festival in honour of the sun god Lugh. The day today is perfect for weddings and love plays under the sun. So if you didn't come on July 18th, today is the next opportunity for your open-air love festival.

Drink wine from the same cup, lay next to each other on a meadow and look into the sky. Tell yourself what you liked most about your love games so far and what you would like to try out. Enjoy your love play afterwards with the tried and tested or break new ground.

The night at Lughnasadh belongs to the „nature gods" or to those who feel so.

„The Most Beautiful" (Das Schönste) by Rose Ausländer


„I flee into your magic tent
in the breathing forest
where grass spires bow
because there's nothing more beautiful.“


Day of underwear

To strengthen the power of love you should wear the colour red today.




A merry festival is Wardawar. On this day people splash each other with water. This is one of the rare feast days that have been preserved in Christian Armenia from pagan times.

In pre-Christian Armenia, Wardawar was dedicated to the Zoroastrian goddess of love and beauty, Astghik, whose main shrine was in Ashtishat.

At that time, people sprinkled rose water or normal water on themselves as a sign of inner and outer purity.

Couples sprinkled each other with water to receive the blessing of the goddess of love, Astghik. Singles prefer to choose their chosen one, so that Astghik can support their love application.


Tiger and Cobra and crow indian

A love festival from the Indian province of Orissa. Men are tigers and can be seen at the weekly market by women, the cobras. If a cobra chooses a tiger, she gives him a sign. The tiger will kidnap the cobra at the next opportunity. The kidnapping is considered a symbolic fight between tiger and cobra. After the kidnapping, peace is restored with lots of palm wine. If the tiger does not correspond to the desires of the cobra, she can select another tiger.

This day is suitable for a playful love fight followed by a big cuddle of reconciliation.


Crow Indian
In this Indian tribe the warriors are divided into two camps, foxes and knot sticks. Once a year the foxes kidnap the women of the knot sticks and vice versa. Which knot stock warrior then kidnaps which fox woman is already clarified beforehand by love affairs or clear signs among the participants. The robbed men are not allowed to defend themselves against the kidnappings and because nobody wants to be without a partner, the whole tribe is involved in this ritual.

With a little imagination, these „kidnap parties" are an idea for swingers clubs. Swinger clubs in France should already have more members than golf clubs.


Day of the castle of love

In many places there are possibilities, especially bridges, where you can hang your love castle. Then the key will be thrown into the river so that your love can never be solved again.


Hag Ha Ohavin

The festival of love in Israel. A dance festival celebrated in the vineyards. Today also lovers visit the tomb of a rabbi to ask for his help in love matters.






At this cheerful festival in southern China buckets are filled with water. If the man meets a woman with the water, she becomes the wife of the man. This custom is certainly possible in the outdoor pool, by the lake or by the sea. Lovers can then love each other in the water or in the shower.

In China, numbers have certain meanings. So the number 1314 means that love will last forever, even several lives in a row. 1314 water buckets would be a bit much now, but maybe she'll believe you that there were exactly 1314 water drops in that bucket.
Celebrate at home and decorate your windows with the sign of double happiness: “XI".




Astarte is the name of the evening star and the mighty lustful goddess of the Middle East. She stands for seduction and pure carnal lust and falls into ecstasy when her lust is pacified. She is the goddess of pure instinct and at the height of the feasts women and men - under trees - come together indiscriminately in her honour.

Drunk yourselves today in the lust for love, select a tree and reach a feeling of „equality with God".


On the island Leti (South-Moluccas/Indonesia) today a festival takes place in honour of the „primeval high time" of the earth goddess and the sun god. A 2m long pennant is hung up, which is painted with love messages and symbols. This celebration can last as long as it rains and usually ends with an orgy where absolute sexual freedom prevails.

The exact date is determined by the rain. So if it was dry longer and now the first rain falls at the end of August, it is regarded as a love drop for the earth. Therefore Porka is a very fertile festival.



Kiss you and reconcile your day



Bon Odori


Japanese memorial service. But don't worry, because the Odori dances are used for flirting and are popular opportunities to get to know each other. If both drink from the same cup `Sake´ (rice wine), this is a sign of engagement.

If the lovers wish to have a child, the Kiomisu temple in Kyoto is visited. There's a shrine here in the shape of a golden rabbit. The visit of the golden hare is supposed to bring the couple rich child blessings. In addition the lovers buy themselves luckless ones, in order to receive prospects over their love.

Write to yourselves today your own luckless ones with prospects of your love. Keep the lots in a large glass on your altar of love. Whenever you feel like it in the next few days and weeks, draw a ticket. You will certainly be pleasantly surprised and directly in love mood.



Radha was the lover of the god Krishna. On this day people in India celebrate the love between two people, which can sometimes be „divine". Cocoa is considered to be the food of the gods. Cocoa or chocolate is also an aphrodisiac.

Celebrate Radha and you with a mousse au chocolat and feed each other small spoons.


Day of Amor y Amistad

A Colombian day of love and friendship. On this day also „weighted -Amigo Secreto", i. e. a small gift is secretly given to a loved one. The day can vary in September. He's in Bolivia on September 21st.

Secret Santa goes like this:


The preparation already starts on September 1st! For anyone who would like to have gnomes, please take a small note and write the name on it. Then you fold each piece of paper so you can't see the names. These slips of paper come in a hat and are well mixed.

Everyone draws a note, unfolds it and reads the name. You can't give that name to anyone else. Put the note away well or burn it. You are now this person's elves and neither he nor anyone else can know that! As a gnome you now try to secretly give this person one or more pleasures. You can, without him or her noticing it, put flowers in front of his door, wash his car, throw small presents in the mailbox, . . .

For 7 days you enthuse and use your powers creatively. For this purpose you fathom the preferences, passions and secret desires of your Wichteling. You yourself will also get gnome gifts and can guess who these might be from.


On the 7th of September there is a little party where all the gnomes come together. Each one of them brings a waffle gift with him, on which the name of the person he is guarding is written. No one must see this gift. You set up a covered box in a corner that can't be seen. Everyone now goes there one by one and puts his gnome present into it without looking into it himself. When all the gnome presents are in it, bring the covered box to the middle. The youngest reaches in and pulls out a gift. He reads the name on the gift and gives the gift to this person. The person who has just received the present thanks all the gnomes, now draws the next present for his part and hands it over and so on. Then all the presents are slowly opened one after the other. The recipient of each present expresses his gratitude loudly with the words: „Thank you dear Wichtel". The secret of who guards who shouldn't be revealed.


Couples are laying gnome presents under their pillows today.


Rosh Hashana and Day of Forgiveness

Jewish New Year. The festival is a day of reflection. It is a custom to eat apples and sweets dipped in honey with your loved ones as a symbol of a pleasant year together.

If you want to celebrate the festival in Israel and fly there with El-Al, then ask for the special service. This consists in the fact that on the board screens in the airplane, your love messages or your marriage proposal is radiated.

Lovers can put apples and sweets on their bodies and eat each other.



Nine is a Chinese sign for eternity. Today, lovers give themselves 9, 99 or 999 roses, depending on their wallet.


Banquet of Venus

This feast is very well suited to conceive a child, to simply have fun out of love, or to create a pleasurable banquet and enjoy it together.

First spoil yourself with culinary delights, light pink or red candles and stroke each other, at least one stand. For then the symphony of great feelings unfolds and you can dive deeply into the lust for love.



Day of bed rest

Maybe you'll be able to spend the day in bed together.


Hera and Zeus

Today we awaken cosmic and vital elemental forces for our love with a celebration in honor of the „high-time"; of Hera and Zeus. This celebration begins in the evening, as soon as the first star appears.

For the love ritual, every doorway is decorated with flowers. Coins and nuts are spread all over the table and reflect wealth, happiness and fertility. The two chairs you're sitting on are tied together. Put your hands together and now eat the fruits and cakes on the table. Let your hands float into each other and now „float" to your love mat.

A little note about putting the hands together: In some Indian tribes of North America the lovers also put their hands into each other (he the right, she the left) and get a tattoo of a symbol on it. This means that everyone has one half of the tattoo on their hand and when the couple shake hands, the common sign of their love comes into being.


World Children's Day

By the way, in all cultures an egg is regarded as the beginning of a new life. The special egg of Easter won't be fresh enough. But you should definitely feed each other an egg today if you want to have a child.

Let's see how high the number of births is around the 20th of June next year.



Today is one of the oldest festivals of mankind. Mabon is a feast of thanksgiving for the nature gods. What has remained in most traditions is only the area of the harvest festival. But in the past people thanked each other for all their fertilities and hoped for this in this night as well. This night is the equinox of the day and night in autumn, so its meaning and power corresponds to the summer solstice and the winter solstice.


Day of bisexuality


Tislit and Isli

A long, long time ago a young man and a young woman fell in love in North Africa. Unfortunately the two families were enemies and therefore the fathers against this love. The two enjoyed the love play nevertheless, but were convicted and punished with death. They were killed on a high plateau. After they were buried, springs began to bubble in these two places. The water did not stop flowing and formed two lakes: Tilsit (bride) and Isli (groom) near Imilchil in Morocco. This hike meant that from then on men and women were allowed to choose their lovers themselves.

Water is considered the symbol of life. Give yourselves a foot wash today as a love ritual. Your love lies down on the bed and slides down so far that your legs dangle down from your knees. Place a chair in front of the bed so that a leg can be placed on it. Place a large bowl of warm water under the dangling leg. With a large cup scoop the water out of the bowl and let it flow over the foot.
At the end dry your foot with a towel that you bought especially for today. You should keep this towel all your life to keep your love. If the foot is dry, massage it with oil. Now dedicate yourself to the other leg.


Day of the love letter

„To write a good love letter, you must start without knowing what you want to say and end without knowing what you said.“ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Day of the Angels

Bring heaven into your house today. Create a space as you imagine the sky. Maybe with white clouds of cotton wool on a blue duvet, angel figures with candles and much more. Feel (also) today like angels. Perhaps you would like to lend yourselves wings. Anyway, today is the day for a heavenly love play.

Angels have been considered messengers of love since ancient times.

„We humans are angels with only one wing, to fly, we have to hug.“



In Oceania, the goddess of love Pele has chosen a search and hide game for lovers. The woman hides in nature and can decide whether she wants to be found or not. The man must have found the woman by sunset or he must never again court her. The more intense the search, the stronger the love will be.

Pack two backpacks with provisions, in our latitudes also rain protection and a blanket, and design your own geocaching.

Honey festival

In preparation for this love festival, which has its origin in Eastern Europe, the fingernails are also cut during a cleansing bath. Because these are considered the seat of the demons. Then the apartment is decorated with many candles, a small love meal is prepared with fish and beautiful music is selected. There are many flowers around the bed and the chairs are decorated in green. At the beginning of the festival throw hops and wheat at you as a sign of fertility. To get in the mood drinks from a cup of honey wine (mead). Honey wine is the best way to stimulate the libido.

Then sprinkle with honey. Honey on the genitals increases the desire for Fellatio and Cunnilingus. Wherever you stroke yourself with it, you will secure a „sweet life" for yourself.

If there's any honey left, you can use it for a cake. When you enjoy this cake, your love will be inflamed once again. Possibly other guests at the cake table do not suspect anything of your sweet secret.

For this custom of love to be effective, drink a whole month (moon) long, every evening a glass of honey wine from a cup. By this you sweeten and strengthen the bond of love beween the two of you. The term honeymoon is derived from honeymoon :-)


Lilith and Lucifer

Lucifer was the shining morning star and lightbringer. Now he is a fallen angel and the prince of darkness. He is considered the spirit of doubt and seduced Lilith with his speeches. However, Lilith is sometimes described as a sex demon and so it is not clear who seduced whom.

Anyway, this evening is perfect for devilishly good sex. You can reach darkness with a blindfold. You can get these in pharmacies or erotic shops. Maybe you will visit an erotic shop together today and buy a souvenir for your „dark" evening.


The Feast of Light in India. People light oil lamps, candles and electric lights and burn fireworks to commemorate Ram's return. Diwali is celebrated in the sign of love and the victory of good over evil.

If you light an oil lamp and keep it burning all night, this festival is perfect as a reconciliation festival. Proves that love is stronger than conflict.


Coming out Day

Started 1987 in Washington with a parade for same-sex love. The day is again a good opportunity for you to share your secret wishes for your love.



Benzai-ten is an Asian love goddess who is also responsible for music, literature and wealth. Music, literature, wealth and a common thread are all part of your love festival today. Music and literature are unambiguous; wealth can be interpreted differently. There's a saying that says, „Satisfied man is richest.“


Now let's get to the red thread. Tie one end around your wrist and the other around His wrist. Uses a node that cannot be tightened further (for example, a bowline or an octopus loop). The red thread should be about 2m long. Live so joined the evening and the night and your love has the blessing of Benzai-ten.

The story of Benzai-ten for a literary introduction:

A woman who was still looking for her beloved asked Benzai for help. For this she wrote a love poem, laid it down in the Benzai temple and asked the goddess for her help. A few days passed and suddenly the thin rice paper floated through the air and landed right in front of the feet of a young man. He was so taken with the poem and the handwriting and so deeply touched in his heart that he wanted to marry the author. He asked Benzai-ten for their help and went to the temple every evening.
At the end of the seventh evening, an older man sat next to him. He took a red thread out of his pocket, tied an end around the young man's wrist and said: „Benzai-ten has let himself be touched by your petitions, you will soon meet your bride. She wrote the love poem.“ He put the other end of the thread into the temple fire and after the thread had burned a little, he extinguished the flame.
At that moment a young woman entered the temple and the two young souls recognized each other immediately. The old man tied the end of the red ribbon around the young woman's wrist and the couple thanked Benzai-ten for her help.

If you are still looking for your beloved and do not live near a Benzai-ten temple, publish your love advertisement in a newspaper. The first marriage announcement appeared already in 1799 in the Munich magazine „Meynes Lebens Allerley oder Allgemeine Heyratsschule für beyderley Geschlechter".



She is an Indian love goddess and there are many lustful stories about her love games with her husband Shiva. It's always the same that the two of them loved sexual battles. These were characterized by dominance and submissiveness and both drove to ecstasy. Even if you don't have any SM-experience, you will surely succeed in a brawl today.


For the preparation you should enjoy the four „M`s", in order to come then logically to the fifth „M". The four „M's" are: Madya (wine), Mamsa (meat), Matsya (fish) and Mudra (grain). The fifth „M" is Maithuna. In the Maithuna love play divine energy is then transmitted and this leads to spiritual insights. For in Tantra the universe is seen as a collection of energetic vibrations and through the Maithuna the flow of divine creative power is released and the energies can flow. Let the energy flow.


Make a Difference Day

On this day, small gifts were first distributed to socially disadvantaged people in North America. Later, friends and family members were also considered. In the meantime he has been extended to his or her beloved and is also called „Sweetest Day".

So, a good opportunity to fulfill her or him a heart's desire before Christmas. Or you can give yourself and yourself as a gift. Just wrapped up with a red bow. Cleopatra had herself wrapped in a carpet and handed over to her beloved.


For this love ritual, the man cuts a mistletoe-branch from the tree and hangs it over his front door. He will love the woman he kisses under this mistletoe all his life - or longer. A very effective and traditional custom from early Europe. To increase the effect of the kiss, kiss the sweetheart the Wicca way. The fivefold Wicca kiss goes like this: kiss the woman's feet, knees, hips, breasts and lips one after the other.



The purpose of this festival of Irish origin is to meet the (dead) spirits with humour and to let them participate in today's celebration. To invite the spirits, you put a light on the window. Kids knock on the door to ask for candy. You give them candy to sweeten your own life. The children symbolize the future.

Feed each other with the leftover candy. But only give one candy when the other takes off a piece of clothing really seductively.



Today is the pagan festival of the beginning of winter. This means that nature dies that night, only to be born again. Therefore nature was honoured and the own ancestors were made a „sign" for a new birth. Then tonight set your „sign" and remember that children symbolize the future.


Mondays and Fridays

Special weekdays for people who want to fall in love are the Mondays and Fridays, especially in November.

The Mondays are dedicated to the moon. With the Celts the moon goddess Aradia is responsible for love affairs. Think of Aradia today and say her name again and again. Then throw a little present for Aradia in a river. She will then help you to find the right partner.


The Celts dedicated this day to the women and the goddess Freya. She can also help you to find a loved one. A Friday evening when the moon is rising is particularly favourable. You will need a long white candle anointed with coriander oil, a thin willow branch and a drawing or photo of your dream partner. The ritual should begin between 8pm and 9pm:
Put the prepared candle in a candle holder and place the drawing in front of it on the table. Take the willow branch, tie it with a heart loop and hold it in your right hand. Now light the candle. Concentrate on the flame from now on. Positive thoughts are important in this ritual. The candle should now burn far down and you should concentrate on the flame again and again. The longer you make it, the better.
When the concentration is gone, let the candle burn down completely. Keep the willow branch with you even longer, for example in a bag. The loop should not be detached the next 24 stands. Then throw the remains of the candles and the willow branch with the bow into a river. If you have practiced the ritual with the necessary concentration or power and Freya is well-disposed towards you, you will get to know your love in the course of „a moon".


Until you have found your love, you can pay homage to sexual desire, Atum or Onan. These are gods who have sexually satisfied themselves. Two quotes:

„Masturbation is sex with a person you really love.“

Woody Allen

„Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of passion.“

Oscar Wilde



Valentine's Day in Egypt



In Korea, women bake their chosen one a sweet cake in the shape of an „11". The woman makes sure that the two ones are quite long, because then the love lasts also long.




World Day of Peace

If there has just been a „crash" in your relationship, take the first step towards reconciliation today. If you have no quarrel, spend this day in bed. Similar to Yoko Ono and John Lennon under the credo „Make Love, no War". It doesn't have to be a camera, or just your own. Anyway, in any case in thirteen days there is a nice party for „;more" . . .


Day of the man


Andrew's Day

Andrea and Andreas are regarded as marriage brokers and patron saints of lovers. It's best to persuade „an Andrea" or „an Andreas" from your circle of friends to organize a (single) party today. Or you can call yourself Andreas today and treat your friends to a great party.
The women should come heavily painted to be protected from evil spirits. For this they should wear a chain with yellow balls or other yellow things. Yellow is the color of the sun and expels the dark forces.

There are now three ways to find out if two hearts are meant for each other:

First, with a dance from North Africa. All those present dance once with each individual by standing close to each other. So shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip and knee to knee. To the music, they sway back and forth without consulting each other. With whom did it harmonize and with whom not?

In the second dance, this time from New Guinea, the couples face each other. They try to rub their foreheads and noses against each other twice to the music, again without consulting each other. Then they bow down and try again. With whom did it harmonize best?

The third possibility is Indian origin. Every man lights a candle and moves with it to the music. The women can now choose which man they want to blow the candle out of. Blowing it out means they want to receive him. If it turns out at the reception that he is not the right person, the woman puts a blanket on and the man has to go.

Love couples can of course also try out these Love Rituals :-)



Paul and Virgine

In Mauritius, the men wear a white handkerchief in a back pocket that hangs out halfway. It's the sign that they're looking for a woman. When they meet a woman of their desire, they greet each other and shake hands. If the woman is also interested, she strokes the man's palm with her index finger when releasing the handshake. That tingles . . .


Athene and Artemis

The Greek goddesses Athene and Artemis celebrate their lesbian love today as „friends of women". Suitable places are the Greek islands of Lesbos and Mykonos. On these islands, the poetess Sappho was not only inspired culturally by the dancers.

Or take a trip to the highlands of New Guinea, northwest Pakistan or some North American Indian areas, all known for gay love relationships. Those who are politically active can also travel to Africa to the South Bantus. Because there a woman holding a political office may marry another woman, because women politicians are treated as men.

Of course it is also possible today to transform your own apartment into old Greece or an Indian tipi or to decorate it in African.



If you are not sure which admirer is the right one at the moment, use the power of Saint Barbara today. Write small notes with a name on them. For each admirer they buy now a cherry or apple branch and attach always only one piece of paper at a branch. At Christmas, the first branch will blossom and show you which one is the right lover. Which bud blooms first?


Bona Dea


Bathtub party day




Santa Claus

The children put a boot in front of the door the evening before and hope that Santa Claus will put something in it for them during the night. Put one of your sweethearts shoes in front of the door and put a sweet surprise in it. Maybe you'll eat them together for breakfast.

7th and 8th


A love fest celebrated for two days. Perhaps you will hear the heart of your great love beat when you meet to enjoy yourself and the feast. The love festival begins with the preparation of a simple feast. This feast is then eaten from time to time. In any case, this includes pasta (spaghetti) as a sign of a long love life. You can't just wrap spaghetti around a fork.

On the second day, the lovers hand each other small gifts, for example a leather bag or a leather envelope for personal treasures. On this day the mother goddess Nin-Hursag is honoured. She is revered as the creator of men and mothers of all gods. Thanks to Nin-Hursag it is possible for us to „visit"; Dilmun. Dilmun is an island of gods, it is regarded as pure and as the absolute paradise.

The love spell of Nin-Hursag will accompany you all your life . . .





The Nordic goddess Lucia did not give the yes-word to any of her admirers, instead she engaged herself for the poor. But on a few days she loved a good meal and gave herself to the arts. If you are living alone at the moment, enjoy your favourite food today and then treat yourself to a theatre, singing or dancing performance. Lucia is happy when others find each other as partners and so today you are under her love blessing and maybe you don't go home alone . . . .



A Roman love festival in which the differences in class were exposed and little morality was lived.


Winter solstice and Julfest and World orgasm day

The night of 21 December is considered by many cultures to be the „magic night of love". For today the sun is born again and the days are longer again. So that the magic of love can unfold in the longest night of the year, in this love ritual all things around your bed are arranged in heart form. During the day you'll bake heart-shaped cookies together, buy flowers, candles and cook your favourite dish. Place a large red heart on your altar of love.

In the morning you greet the sun at the open window, hand in hand.

Should you not be able to enjoy the night long enough, then travel towards the North Pole. There the polar night begins and the sun appears only again on 21 March. Or you darken the windows of your apartment, turn off your mobile phone and bell, and lay down on a polar bear fur and cuddle as long as you like.



Adam & Eve

Today Adam and Eve celebrate their name day. If it is possible for you, spend most of today in the "Eve and Adam costume";. First buy a „Rose of Jericho", also called „Christrose".


The „Rose of Jericho" never dies and it is precisely this power that will be transferred to your love today when you make a „Rose of Jericho" blossom together. The „Rose of Jericho" is placed on a deep plate, warm water is poured over it and after a short time the „Rose of Jericho" will unfold velvety green.




The German men go from house to house singing Christmas carols. The women prepare handkerchiefs with their embroidered names, ribbons and flowers. When the men sing at the woman's door, the chosen one is adorned by the woman.

If a woman can assume that her husband won't come to sing (or can't), she bakes him a loaf of bread (well, there are bread baking machines today). The woman wraps the bread in a white cloth, on the four ends of which her name and a love verse are embroidered with red thread. Then she puts it in front of his door. A popular verse is „I love you as much as a tree loves its branches, as heaven loves its stars. That's the way I like you.“



New Year's Eve

First watch the movie „Dinner for one" and then celebrate the New Year with vows of love and finally take off each other's red underwear. Because if you wear red underwear today, you have a year of love waiting for you. This is a custom from the land of Amore.